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Northwest Arkansas

Multifamily complexes and commercial entities in Northwest Arkansas are all too familiar with the difficulty of securing floor installation services that deliver both reliability and excellence. In a region experiencing swift growth, the demand for quality flooring solutions that align with the pace of construction and renovation is critical. Property owners and managers often face the challenge of finding installers who can provide durable, attractive flooring without compromising on speed or craftsmanship.

Settling for less in flooring installation isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s a compromise that can significantly detract from a property’s marketability and value. Subpar workmanship leads to early wear and tear, increased maintenance costs, and the risk of dissatisfied tenants or customers. The quest for a service that offers top-tier materials, skilled installation, and efficient project completion is critical in maintaining the integrity and appeal of your commercial space.

Elite Services
Your Turnkey Commercial Flooring Solution

Discover the turnkey difference with Elite Services, where we seamlessly handle every aspect of your flooring needs — from distribution to expert installation and ongoing maintenance. Our comprehensive service offering includes an expansive selection of high-margin commercial flooring options that cater specifically to the dynamic needs of multifamily complexes and commercial spaces. 

We are your direct source for premium Engineered Floors products, ensuring not just the delivery but also the precision installation of top-quality carpets and vinyl flooring. With Elite Services, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to the complete lifecycle of your flooring, guaranteeing a blend of visual appeal, durability, and seamless functionality.

Transform Your Floors & Upholstery

Comprehensive Selection

Elite Services offers an extensive range of premium flooring products, ensuring you find the perfect match for your property’s style and functional needs.

Professional Installation

Our expert team delivers professional installation that meets rigorous industry standards, ensuring a flawless finish and enduring performance.

Turnkey Convenience

Enjoy the convenience of our turnkey solutions encompassing distribution, installation, and maintenance for a hassle-free flooring experience.

Enhanced Property Value

Our cleaning methods rejuvenate your interiors, enhancing their appearance and reviving the original vibrancy of fabrics and flooring.

Long-Term Durability

Invest in flooring that lasts; our products are selected for their durability and resilience under high traffic conditions.

Maintenance Support

Post-installation, Elite Services provides ongoing maintenance support to ensure your flooring remains in peak condition.

Complete Flooring Solutions: Tailored to Your Commercial Space

Elite Services delivers a full spectrum of flooring installation services, each designed to meet the diverse and specific demands of commercial spaces. From the luxurious appeal of premium carpeting to the sleek durability of laminate, we provide tailored solutions for every project.

  • Commercial carpet 

  • Carpet tiles 

  • LVT

  • Resilient flooring

  • Linoleum 

  • Sheet vinyl 

  • Laminate flooring

The Elite Process: A Step Above in Flooring Installation

Our approach to flooring installation is rooted in understanding your vision and requirements. The Elite Services process begins with a detailed consultation to select the ideal flooring from our extensive catalog. Next, we conduct a comprehensive site assessment to plan the installation, taking into account your operational schedules to minimize disruption. Our skilled technicians then execute the installation with precision, ensuring every seam is perfect, every tile is correctly aligned, and every laminate plank is securely placed. Throughout, we maintain open communication with you, providing updates and peace of mind.

Commercial Floor Installation - Frequently Asked Questions

What types of flooring does Elite Services install?

We install a variety of commercial flooring, including commercial carpet, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), resilient flooring, linoleum, sheet vinyl, and laminate flooring.

How do I choose the right type of flooring for my business?

Our experts will assess your business needs, traffic patterns, and aesthetic preferences to recommend the best flooring options for durability and design.

Can Elite Services remove my old flooring before installation?

Yes, we provide complete removal services for your old flooring as part of our installation process.

How long does the installation process take?

The duration depends on the size and complexity of the project. We provide a detailed timeline after the initial assessment.

Are your installation services covered by warranty?

Absolutely, all of our installations come with a warranty that covers both materials and workmanship.

Do you provide flooring maintenance services after installation?

Yes, we offer maintenance services to ensure your new flooring stays in top condition.

Is Elite Services licensed and insured for commercial flooring installation?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured, providing peace of mind with every project we undertake.

Can you work after hours to accommodate my business operations?

We strive to minimize disruption and can schedule installations after hours or during weekends.

How does Elite Services ensure the quality of the installation?

Our installers are trained professionals who adhere to strict industry standards, and we conduct quality checks throughout the installation process.

What should I do to prepare my space for flooring installation?

We recommend clearing the area of furniture and equipment. Our team will handle the rest, including the protection of adjacent areas during installation.